August Update

August 8, 2018





Thank you for all your continued support for our most recent release, Adventures in the Light & Dark! You can check it out here.


Thanks to everyone who has played Adventures In the Light & Dark! Feel free to send us feedback, review the game on steam or even post a lets play! There is so much packed into that book, have you found all the easter eggs? (I haven't, yet)

Lets talk Optimum Link:

 (New Shine, New Direction)


Optimum Link is destined to feature a diverse theatre of worlds. While we have our brand new worlds kept top secret, the game’s current worlds are all getting significant upgrades. Each one will be bigger, better, more detailed, and each world’s theme is being made more apparent. As an example, the grassy hills of Alaphrah is now four times larger.​


Introducing, our new portals! In the coming months, we will begin to display our original (but newly polished) heart and direction of the game. You’ll see a character, an idea, and a new overall look. We’re very excited to share.



Heres an update for Skyfear:


We're launching a new operation to get the game in the hands of players early - Playtest Seasons.


August 2nd kicked off Season #2 and is ongoing until August 16th.

It's private and free, join our Discord to get access!



Also, here's a snapshot of a new map (work in progress).​







Join our Discord community where we are actively sharing development of all our




Connect with us on Twitter!

Protoria Studios:
Optimum Link:



- With love, 

Team Protoria.


(also there are easter eggs scattered all over this website, grab them while they last)

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