May Update 2018

May 24, 2018




Sorry for the late update if you've been checking the website franticly for an update!! 


We've been developing Skyfear!! Its all coming together slowly.


Also we are on Discord!!  Click here!!


So the plan for July is starting to letting players for testing. Team is doing a lot of overview/diagnose testing these weeks just to make sure larger network-side stuff is working. Trying to narrow down any bugs/issues to be mostly gameplay and content related.


Also quick note: don't get attached to the character model you've seen so far! Updated wyvern with new animation will be put in sometime soon-ish. Will [hopefully] contribute to better game feel and fun-to-watch factor && test for anyone who has paid attention long enough. We are also slowing rolling into Steam.


Skyfear FAQ here


(we mostly check Discord/Email as of now, more website updates coming)


More maps are coming together, UI is almost finished. Animations/debugging are the main issues right now, heres some previews of more changes in the maps.



The maps are all designed with gameplay in mind, so their size is intentional. Some maps encourage aggression where others are more tactical (more cover and verticality). The intention is to have a lot of variety, and there's a list of a dozen more map ideas once the core group is finished so as long as people are playing the game, We would also like to release more maps & gametypes. Also flight speed was increased since the last playtest so distance gets covered quicker!

 Stay tuned for more info on tests and more! June is all about animations and bugs, get ready to fly again and take control of the skies.


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