Skyfear update 3# (Live Streams & more)

July 29, 2017


We're about a week into our Kickstarter and we want to thank all our current backers so far!! 


A lot of recent work has been making a lot of additional body parts, getting our customization system ready and smoothed out. 


We've been discussing for several weeks about doing live streams while we work, showing development and allowing any fans to hang out with us.




Would you like to see some of that? Let us know!


Also, a ton of people have been itching to see more gameplay, and don't worry - that's coming! You may even get to play our Alpha to help us test the networking and such. Let us know what you think of that, too.


Lot of hidden goodies coming to the website!! 





Glad to see some interested people in the Discord server and Steam group!


We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter.


Until next time ~


- Protoria Team








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