Optimum Link 0.2 Build - Mac release

March 31, 2016



It’s a beautiful day today! You can download the 0.2 Patch here!



I’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on 0.2. Some of you may know, there were some problems earlier this year putting it together, there was a bad migration of assets that causes severe errors. But do not fear, it all got resolved, the downside is, however, it set us back a bit.



Here’s everything that made it into the update!



-7 new songs in the soundtrack to enjoy as you create chaos!

-4 new characters!-1 fun new vehicle

-6 new misc objects!

-2 brand new worlds to explore!-New "Other" creation tab, allows players to de-spawn (or "Nuke") several objects at once.

-1 new tool: the Bridge Ray (basically a portal gun)

-Painting tool now has a slightly longer range to it

-New laser gun skins-Updated sounds and menus



-In-game browser features! Now you can submit bugs, feedback, and suggest ideas to the developers right from inside the game.



Don't FORGET, there’s a News box on the main menu.

-Updated settings, players can now opt for different resolutions, fullscreen and windowed modes, and toggle music on/off.

-Better post-processing effects such as depth of field and ambient occlusion. Also improved some camera animations.

-There is now many more ways to collect COINs! Don’t forget to visit the rocket ship to upgrade stuff!

-The loading screen now features up to 104 different phrases.-Improved collisions on "alien" character model.

 -Improved telekinesis.I might be forgetting a thing or two.



But there’s tons of small improvements and such. I’m especially excited about the in-game browser features because this will allow fans and players to more directly contact us about any problems or ideas.


Speaking of, Protoria Studios is going through some changes as well. When Optimum Link was started, it was just a couple of us, with myself being the sole actual engineer. But now we’ve expanded to a team of 5, so a lot of the work on 0.2 has also been paving a path and reconstructing the project to be worked on by more engineers soon. Also, subscribe to this website! 


We are also busy brainstorming, we have about 4 demos put together for possible future projects. I had the idea of posting update videos/vlogs every month showing what we’re up to, both work and fun, on our YouTube channel. Optimum Link 0.2 is now out for Mac & Windows  Be there or be square! 


- Protoria Dev Team 




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